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  1. Fields of Gold
  2. Englishman in New York
  3. Shape Of My Heart
Sting Photo


  1. Red Flag
  2. Fallen Leaves
  3. Devil in a Midnight Mass
Billy Talent Photo

Billy Talent

  1. Gotta Go
  2. Victim in Pain
  3. For My Family
Agnostic Front Photo

Agnostic Front

  1. Don't Know Why
  2. Bright Size Life
  3. One Quiet Night
Pat Metheny Photo

Pat Metheny

  1. New Direction
  2. Start Today
  3. Stand Still
Gorilla Biscuits Photo

Gorilla Biscuits

  1. Srdce jako kníže Rohan
  2. Baroko
  3. Milovanie v daždi
Richard Müller Photo

Richard Müller

  1. Count the Dead
  2. Ashes of the Damned
  3. To War!
Abbath Photo


  1. Nothing To Prove
  2. 1995
  3. What Happened?
H2O Photo


  1. Hopopono
  2. Murmuration
  3. Garden Dog Barbecue
GoGo Penguin Photo

GoGo Penguin

  1. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
  2. Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit
  3. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit (Radio Edit)
Fedde Le Grand Photo

Fedde Le Grand

  1. Curse The Gods
  2. Mad Butcher
  3. Nailed To The Cross
Destruction Photo


  1. Hopopono
  2. Murmuration
  3. Garden Dog Barbecue
GoGo Penguin Photo

GoGo Penguin

  1. Of Jupiter and Moons
  2. Empty Lines
  3. The Last Hope in a World of Hopes
Temperance Photo


  1. Back In The Days (Feat. Bam)
  2. Cover Me Up feat. Kat Vinter
  3. Give Me the Taste
Joyce Muniz (Official) Photo

Joyce Muniz (Official)

  1. Nightmares in Disguise
  2. For Bidens
  3. Let There Be Night
W.E.B. Photo


  1. Jak ten chlap se na mně dívá
  2. Jak ten chlap se na mě dívá
  3. Jak se ten chlap na mě dívá
Lenka Nová Photo

Lenka Nová

  1. Can the Can
  2. If You Can't Give Me Love
  3. 48 Crash
Suzi Quatro Photo

Suzi Quatro

  1. You Alone
  2. In Defense of Dorchester
  3. Fighter
Street Dogs Photo

Street Dogs

  1. I Am Abomination
  2. Sculptor of Flesh
  3. Nathicana
1349 Photo


  1. Voulez Vous
  2. Thank You for the Music
  3. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
ABBA Mania Photo

ABBA Mania

  1. Krunk Time
  2. Cold Champagne
  3. Open Your Eyes
Phace Photo


  1. I'm On The Run
  2. Burn the Angels Down
  3. In Blood We Trust
Hypnos Photo


  1. Láska je láska
  2. Most přes minulost
  3. Moja
Lucie Bílá Photo

Lucie Bílá

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