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Beijing is a city in China with more than 20 millions of people. Beijing is an artistic city famous for its architecture with various temples, walls and parks. But the musical scene is also quite vibrant with many international groups coming or local bands. The live music industry is quite popular with more than 200 venues including One Third, Mao Livehouse or Beijing Workers Gymnasium.

You can list concerts by hottest or chronological order according to your own preferences. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to the most important songs for each artist coming to Beijing by using the LISTEN function if you have a (free) spotify account. You can even watch the videos clips and setlists if you visit the artists' pages. Of course, concert tickets in Beijing are available at your fingertips!

Find the best concert ticket deals for all your favourite concerts and shows. From small clubs with intimate performances by local bands to large arenas that can hold thousands of people, our list delivers the top places to see live music in Beijing.

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